You Now Have Access To A “Free Practice Exam”

FREE Practice Exam

Trying to pass your exam?  Practice is probably the best way of learning and preparing for your exam.  Study your textbooks, then continue by using a “free practice exam” to help you get a passing grade on your exam!

We have a site full of information on these exams that you can spend all day on, just reading and studying for your exam.  With links all over this blog, you can learn how to study for your exams.

Which exam are you taking?  There are links on the left and links on the right that will steer you in the right direction.

Free Practice Exam – Good Luck

Free Practice ExamGood luck with your test and your new career!

Free Practice Exam – Review Your Notes

After you finish your lecture, review your notes because it can be very tempting to kick back and relax. Or if you have another class after the one you finished, you may be rushing to get to your next class.

But when you do that, you’re losing an opportunity to reduce your studying time.  After class, the best thing to do is to immediately review your notes.

This is because the material is fresh in your head. You’re able to quickly understand the material and help get it into your long-term memory.

But when you wait until later to review your notes, such as when you get home, it’ll take longer to understand the material. You’ll need to spend some time trying to refresh your memory on what was taught in class.

It’s better to save your time from doing that and take advantage of the opportunity to simply look at your notes immediately after class. Even if you have to go straight to your next class, spending just 2 or 3 minutes with them is still beneficial.

Review Your Notes – Make It A Habit

If you establish this as a habit, you’ll save a lot of time. For instance, let’s say it takes you 15 minutes to refresh your memory when you study your notes at home or after taking your free practice exam. You have 3 classes a week for this one course. So that’s 45 minutes a week, 180 minutes a month, or 540 minutes per semester (assuming that final exams start in the fourth month).

You’ll be losing 9 hours per semester.  If you take 3 courses, that’s 27 hours lost. With 5 courses, that’s 45 hours lost.

But if you establish the habit of browsing your notes immediately after class, you’ll be saving those hours.Review Your Notes

FREE Practice Exam

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