CLEP Exams Can Often Help Expedite Your Nursing Career

CLEP Exams

CLEP Exams can expedite your nursing career.  Over the recent years, today’s nursing schools across the country have seen a huge increase in their enrollment. While some students enrolling in nursing school are  traditional college students who have chosen nursing as their life-long career, many nursing students are adults wishing to make a career change.

CLEP ExamsThey come from various ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds and these nursing students are often similar in that they are drawn to nursing, based on the flexibility of the career, competitive pay and job security.

With the current economic downturn, a career offering job security is hard to find. In spite of the present economic downturn, nursing continues to be a “recession-proof” job and nurses remain in high demand. In addition to offering high job security and financial benefits, nursing offers the opportunity for a rewarding career by providing help to the sick as well as promoting health in well populations.

The sooner an individual can complete course prerequisites and finish nursing school, the sooner he or she can enter their nursing career. CLEP exams will help individuals wishing to pursue a career in nursing can choose to earn a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree, to get it sooner. Both baccalaureate and associate degree nursing programs require students to obtain certain prerequisite degree requirements prior to beginning nursing school.

Nursing students will be surprised to learn that there are often cost and time-saving ways to earn some of their prerequisite course requirements. CLEP exams, College Level Examination Program, is one such way that nursing students can use to save both time and cash.

The College Level Examination Program, offers a way for future nursing students and college students in general, to earn some credits through demonstrating college-level proficiency on a standardized exam or test. Most of the exams are still multiple choice, computerized and a 90 minute timed exam.  Make full use of CLEP exams, to help you pass these tests.

CLEP Exams Offered:

There are currently thirty-four different exams offered in subjects such as English, science, math, and even social sciences. Credits earned through these exams will often apply toward your nursing school prerequisites.

For example, if a nursing school requires students to take Introductory Psychology as a prerequisite to entering the nursing program, the nursing student may have the option of taking the Introductory Psychology CLEP exams in order to earn some of the required credits.

By completing many of their nursing degree prerequisites using these exams, students may be able to apply to and enter their desired nursing program a little sooner. Less time spent in class can result in more time spent earning money working as a nurse. In addition, with each CLEP test costing less than $110 to take, the savings compared to taking the actual college class are obvious and can save your cash!

Many nursing students would welcome a way to enter their college’s nursing program sooner or to save cash while attending college, but are unsure of how to go about taking advantage of programs such as CLEP exams. The College Board’s website,, will provide students with information about these exams, including which exams are available today, the testing center locations and how to prepare oneself for them.

Students desiring to take CLEP exams, including students who have little background knowledge on a subject, are often able to prepare for CLEP exams in as little time as a few days or a few weeks. Students can also use a wide variety of test study resources including online study systems, study guides, practice tests, and even college textbooks.

Students are certainly encouraged to talk to their college academic advisers prior to taking a test in order to learn about their specific college’s CLEP policies. With over 2,900 colleges and universities accepting these exams today, many nursing students will find that their school will allow them to meet certain prerequisite requirements using these exams.

About Us: CLEP exams are an amazing way for nursing students to save both time and cash and get one step closer to entering the exciting, lucrative, stable and rewarding career of nursing.


CLEP Exams

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