GED Practice Test

What Is A GED Practice Test

Are you looking for a GED Practice Test?

A lot of students drop out of high school for different reasons.  Later in life, they realize the impact on their decision and decide to get their GED.

Are you one of these students?  Do you want to get your GED and are looking for a GED Practice Test?

GED Practice TestGED stands for General Educational Development.  It is a test for people that have dropped out of high school and did not graduate.

After passing the test, you will receive a certificate which is basically the same as the normal graduation diploma.

You will have to study to pass this test and this is where the GED practice test comes into play.  You can use the practice test as a method to study for your exam.

Almost a million people take the GED test every year.  By passing your GED, you can go back to college, get your degree and have a better chance of finding a fantastic job, getting more money from your present employer and maybe even a promotion.

GED Practice Test – Your test will focus on 5 key areas:

1. Language Arts Writing

Subjects  include – reading, spelling, and composition.

2. Language Arts Reading

Subjects include – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

3. Science

Subjects include – physical science, life science, earth science and space science.

4. Social Studies

Subjects include – history, geography, government, civics and economics.

5. Mathematics

Subjects include – Algebra, geometry, measurement, number sense, patterns, statistics and data analysis.

In addition to the GED Practice Exam, there are also numerous other study methods and resources all over the internet which will help get you ready for your exam.

GED Practice Test

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